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Orient Beach, home of the Club Orient naturist resort, has something for everyone. The northern end starts off mostly clothed and people wear less and less until they reach the southern end where clothing is optional throughout the resort: beach (of course), boutique (why not), and restaurant (yikes!). Don't let the, shall we say casual, atmosphere fool you as there are some very good restaurants on the beach. Kakao Beach and others at the northern end all have fine restaurants and snack bars for lighter fare, but also beach chairs, umbrellas, beach boys, boutiques, massage stations, and more. To the southeast the beach runs past various smaller shops and restaurants. These are smaller places, with smaller menus, and smaller prices, but with plenty of chairs and umbrellas for a relaxing day at the beach. The last thing on the beach is Club Orient, the naturist resort. At night La Place in Orient Village comes alive with loads of restaurants and frequent bands. The reconstruction that affected all restaurants between Pedro's and Kontiki is now complete.

Entrance to La Place, the square

Coco, photos extroadinaire Want to see it all? Go to the southern end of the beach, no seriously, stop on Hope Hill for a view of all of Orient out to St Barts. some food and drink at Paradise View. There are shops for clothing, local products, cold drinks, and duty-free alcohol. Next door is Local Rums & Spirits where Bernadine offers tastings of local rums, chutneys and more, while tending to abandoned animals. Almost across the street is Rancho del Sol, with the same great view of the wide sweep of Orient Bay. On the left is Coco, photographer extroadinare. She patrols the beach and restaurants taking photos, if you wish.

At night most of the beachside establishments close and the action moves to Orient Village. There are several restaurants here, but Table d'Antoine with its Bistro Chic cuisine seems to stand out from the crowd, although it's a good crowd. Just south of Orient Beach is L'Embouchure Bay or Galion Beach, voted best place to take your kids on the island. One of the reasons is Chez Pat, a great beach bar on a calm and beautiful beach with great windsurfing.

To the south is Oyster Pond, the home of Oyster Bay Beach Resort. This large resort has its own restaurants and has attracted several more to the neighborhood. Even a little further south is Dawn Beach, good snorkeling and boogie boarding, but now subsumed into the Westin Resort. In between them is Busby's Beach Bar and Daniel's by the Sea, beach bar by day and fine Italian cuisine at night. Next door is Big Fish, a little bit of South Beach here in the Caribbean.

Orient Beach, Oyster Pond, and Dawn Beach map Orient Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin Kakao Beach Orient Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin Local Rums & Spices Daniel/Busby Big Fish Chez Pat Tropical Wave Orient Beach on Galion Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin Inset map of Orient Village Rancho del Sol Sorry, no website, see our list Click on the restaurant names on
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enjoying the rays at Orient Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin

View of Orient Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin

Inset map Table d'Antoine Orient Beach St Martin Orient Beach Saint Martin Kakao Beach

Palm BeachParadise View
Restaurant Phone Cuisine Location
Big Fish 543-6288 Seafood, steaks, sushi Dawn Beach
Chez Pat
Tropical Wave
87 37 25 Beach bar L'Embouchure
Galion Beach
Daniel's by the Sea
Mr Busby's Beach Bar
543-6828 Beach Bar by day
Italian at Night
Dawn Beach
Kakao Beach 87 43 26 International/Vietnamese Orient Beach
Rancho del Sol 51 12 12 French/International/Pizza Orient Beach
Table d'Antoine 52 97 57 French Orient Village
Tropical Wave
Chez Pat
87 37 25 Beach bar L'Embouchure
Galion Beach
Aloha   French Orient Beach
Astrolabe 87 11 20 French Orient Beach
Aura 543 6700 French Oyster Pond - (Westin Resort)
Bikini Beach   French Orient Beach
Boo Boo Jam   Beach Bar Orient Beach
Captain Oliver's 87 30 00 French Oyster Pond
Coco Beach 87 34 62 Beach Bar Orient Beach
Côté Plages 52 47 37 French Orient Village
Fiesta Mexicana   Beach Bar Orient Beach
Kontiki Beach 87 43 27 International Orient Beach
Little Italy ? Italian Orient Village
690 35 99 06 French Orient Beach
54 27 23 French Orient Beach
Papagayo 87 33 85 Nude food Orient Beach
Pedro's   Beach Bar Orient Beach
Petite Bistro ? French Orient Village
Le Piment 690 40 09 99 Italian Orient Village
Pizza Top 87 30 50 Pizza Oyster Pond
Plantation Café 87 52 04 French/Creole Orient Beach
Le Planteur 29 53 21 French Oyster Pond
La Salsa   Beach Bar Orient Beach
Tai Chi 87 73 98 Asian/Sushi/Fish Orient Village
Voile Blanche ? French Orient Village
Waikiki Beach 87 43 19 International Orient Beach
Yvette's 87 32 03 Créole Orleans
Print this page and take it with you!
From the US, French phones require 011 590 590 in front of the six digits.
The seven digit Dutch numbers require 1 721 in front of the digits.

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